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Permie Response to Speth Article - ideas for living well and transforming culture

After reading this article "Off the Pedestal: Creating a New Vision of Economic Growth" by James Gustave Speth I had the following comments:

A wonderful, well-written article - heart-felt, gut-wrenching, and aimed at the heart of the ugly beast that has us all captive. Thank you, thank you. But the thanks is for an eloquent additional rendition of the problem we've got and the pot of warm water, about to get hot and fatal, that we are all sitting in the frogs in the pot.
We know now/again that we are in a "pot of trouble", so to crudely change the metaphor:
  -how to get off of the "growth train,"

Submitted by DickPierce on Thu, 06/09/2011 - 1:38pm
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